Mallorca is the ideal place to practice surfing, the best months for waves are from September to May, although in summer we also receive very fun waves, usually in the north. In Mallorca there are spots for all levels, with rock and sand bottoms.

The love of surfing has grown a lot in recent years in Mallorca, so it is not uncommon to see spots with 30 people in the water. On stormy days and bigger waves you can find Sup’s, longboard, windsurf, kite and short board at the same time in the water.


Initiation Surf Rental

  • 1h / 10 €
  • 2h / 18 €
  • 3h / 20 €
  • 4h / 22€
  • 1 day / 25 €

Advanced Surf Rental

  • 1h / 12 €
  • 2h / 20 €
  • 3h / 22 €
  • 4h / 26 €
  • 1 day / 30 €


Long wetsuit 4/3 MM

  • 1h / 6 €
  • 2h / 9 €
  • 3h / 12 €
  • 1/2 day / 14 €
  • 1 day / 16 €


Short 2/2 MM

  • 1h / 4 €
  • 2h / 6€
  • 3h / 8 €
  • 1/2 day / 10€
  • 1 day / 12€


Respect the

Know your limits and do not access peaks that are not for your level or physical condition. If not, it is better to look for smaller waves or another spot.

Your board is your responsibility, never lose control of your board, or what is worse, never let go and leave it to its own devices.

If you are in the way when another surfer is catching a wave, stay away and paddle into the broken part of the wave.

Do not do the snake: Snaking is a technique used by the most “smart guys” in order to skip the preferences.

Respect other surfers even if they are learning and offer your help if you see someone in trouble.

RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT: Please do not leave garbage on the beach and if you can, pick up 1 or 2 pieces of garbage, in the end it all adds up!

Do not jump


  • Where do I see the wave forecasts? In Mallorca we don’t have tides so our waves are from storms and wind. The most used apps are: Wisuki, Todosurf or surfmediterraneo.
  • We have webcams on some beaches, the best app to see them is Livecam pro.
  • During the summer season most of the beaches (not all) are signposted and you can only surf within the access channels for boats.
  • If you have an emergency or someone needs help, the emergency telephone number is 112.



  • The bonuses DO NOT expire, they are personal and non-transferable, they must be presented together with the DNI, except for family members.
  • Only one team can be rented per Bonus except with family bonuses.
  • You can rent Stand Up Paddle and Surf (soft) boards using 1 slot per hour, Kayaks and Windsurf using 3 slots per hour.