Mallorca Windsurf Equipment Rental

The BonaOna school is located on the Can Pastilla beach.

In Bonaona Mallorca, in addition to carrying out windsurfing courses, we have all the necessary material for renting and practicing windsurfing.


Windsurf Rental Initiation

  • 1h /  25€
  • 2h / 35€

Advanced Windsurf Rental

  • 1h / 35
  • 2h / 65€

Types of Sails and boards for rent

Initiation 3.0
Initiation 3.0/3.5 Side On
Initiation 4.0/4.5/5.5
Intermediate – Advanced 5.0
Advanced – Measures: 152 – 135 – 160 L
Initiation – Measures 180 – 195 – 205 L


For the rental of material, it is essential to present the DNI and have an average level.

Webs / Apps wind forecast



  • The bonuses DO NOT expire, they are personal and non-transferable, they must be presented together with the DNI, except for family members.
  • Only one team can be rented per Bonus except with family bonuses.
  • You can rent Stand Up Paddle and Surf (soft) boards using 1 slot per hour, Kayaks and Windsurf using 3 slots per hour.