Rental vouchers

35 75  IVA incl.


With your rental Voucher you can rent: Stand UP Paddle, Surf or Kayak.

  • Soft Surfboard: 1 box – 1 hour.
  • Fiber Surfboard: 2 boxes – 1 hour.
  • Double kayak: 2 boxes – 1 hour.
  • Individual kayak: 1 box – 1 hour.



How do class vouchers work?

Once you have made your purchase through the web:

  • If it is a gift, we recommend that once the voucher has been purchased through our website and the gift has been delivered, the student must contact us to register it in the BonaOna App.

Purchase through our Bonaona App

  • Sign up in the app.
  • Enter your profile, select bonuses and click to buy.

Whether it was a gift and you have contacted us so that we can register the new user or if you have registered yourself directly and made the purchase through our App:

  • Every week, if there are waves and classes are going to take place, you will receive a notification (make sure you activate notifications).
  • Once the notification is received, access the App, select your level, day and time of the class among those available.
  • Select the Bonus, which you have previously purchased and click ok.

Remember that cancellations are only valid 24 hours before the class and to sign up a maximum of 5 hours before the start of the class.


  • The bonuses DO NOT expire, they are personal and non-transferable, they must be presented together with the DNI, except for family members.
  • Only one team can be rented per Bonus except with family bonuses.
  • You can rent Stand Up Paddle and Surf (soft) boards using 1 slot per hour, Kayaks and Windsurf using 3 slots per hour.

Our school normally travels to spots located in the Playas de Muro area (Can Picafort) or Son Serra de Marina, Colonia de San Pere. We have the possibility of transportation from our school to the Olas area.


We have all kinds of Courses and Campuses adapted to different ages and levels. In addition to private classes for groups. The maximum number of students is 8 per monitor.

Additional information


Familiar 10h, Individual 10h, Individual 5h