Rental Voucher Wing- foil

100  IVA incl.

Rental Voucher Wing- foil

The 5-hour rental voucher for wing foiling at Can Pastilla Beach offers a flexible and exciting experience that can be spread across different days. With a validity period of one year, this voucher provides ample time for the recipient to fully enjoy the thrill of wing foiling. The voucher is personal and non-transferable, ensuring a personalized experience for the individual user.

Contents of the voucher:

  1.  Wing Board: The voucher covers the rental of a specialized wing foil board, perfectly suited for this dynamic water sport. These boards are designed for optimal learning. Choose the equipment with Foil or withouth foil . Depending on your level.
  2.  Wing: Included in the voucher is the rental of a high-quality wing featuring advanced design elements.
  3. Life Vest: Safety is a top priority, life vest to ensure a secure experience in the water. Wearing the life vest is essential for buoyancy and overall safety.
  4. Helmet: For additional safety precautions, the voucher provides for the rental of a helmet to protect the rider’s head during falls or potential collisions, enhancing the overall safety of the wing foiling experience.

Rental Location: Can Pastilla Beach, with favorable wind conditions, serves as the perfect location for wing foiling. This beach offers an ideal setting to fully enjoy the excitement of wing foiling.

Voucher Validity: The voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase, allowing the user the flexibility to schedule their wing foil sessions at their convenience across different days.


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BonaOna Surf School is located on the Can Pastilla beach.

What includes?
Wing, board
Helmet , Impact vest

What do you need ?
Swimsuit, towel, sunscreen
ID or passport + deposit