Wing foil lessons- 1,5 h

From: 80  IVA incl.
Wing foil lessons –
Contact the school to confirm the schedule for your lesson . + 34 661 353 992 (whatsapp)

During wing foil lessons, you will learn the fundamentals of wing foiling under the guidance of experienced instructors.

The lesson will last 1 and a half hours and is designed to give you a solid foundation in wing foiling techniques.

  1. Meeting Point: At least 20 min before at BonaOna Surf School , to get ready.
  2. Equipment: Each student will be provided with a Wing foil board, a wing, and a wetsuit or rasah guard. You will also be provided with a safety helmet and a personal flotation device.
  3. Safety Briefing: Before starting the lesson, the instructor will provide a safety briefing to ensure that everyone understands the safety guidelines and procedures.

Lesson Outline

  • On-land Demonstration (aprox 30 minutes)
  • The instructor will demonstrate the correct techniques for wing handling, body positioning, and balance on the board.
  • You will practice these techniques on the beach, gaining confidence before heading into the water. With the instructor’s guidance, you will enter the water with your wing foil boards.
  • You will practice launching the wing, maintaining balance, and controlling the board’s direction.
  • The instructor will provide individual attention and feedback to help you progress and improve your skills.

By the end of this 1 and a half-hour wing foil lesson, you will have gained a solid foundation in wing foiling techniques and the confidence to continue practicing on your own.

Remember, wing foiling requires practice and patience, so keep honing your skills and enjoy the thrill of gliding across the water in the beautiful Bay of Palma.


BonaOna Surf School is located in Can Pastilla.

What includes?

What do you need?

Book your Wing foil lesson with a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

All courses include: Instructor, aquipment , wetsuit or rash guard and insurance. Before making the purchase, please check the available with us by whatsapp :

+ 34 661 353 992